• Sampling for acetylene reduction assays
  • Diving for scientific activity and sampling
  • Sem image of the skeleton of corallium rubrum
  • Example of coral juveniles of Acropora, Pocillopora and others
  • Photo of coral nubbins in an experimental aquarium


We live in a time of ever-increasing human pressure on the marine environment. In the coming century, life in the ocean will be confronted with an unprecedented rate of species extinction and many organisms and communities may change or disappear even before being described and understood by science. This is the main driver of my primary research interests, which are directed toward understanding the functioning of marine organisms and communities and their underlying ecological interactions. My interest in this topic dates back to my childhood and drove me towards a career in marine science.

My research interests are inherently broad ranging and expanding, but I maintain a focus on benthic ecology and the biogeochemistry of host-microbe interactions, as well as the physiological and ecological consequences of these dynamics in the face of climate change.

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Juvenile coral community structure in the Maldives

Mediterranean red coral and ocean acidification

C and N2 fixation in coral reef ecosystems

N2 fixation in chemosynthetic symbioses